Remote work is here, and we’re proud to lead the charge in disrupting the status quo and dismantling the ‘way things have always been done.’ 

While working in a traditional office setting works for some, it doesn't necessarily work for every entrepreneur, leader, gig contractor, business or employee. 

Why? Because life, that’s why. 

Maybe your in-office position is now remote. Maybe your business is growing and you need help — but don't have a brick-and-mortar office. Maybe you prefer to work at your own pace — maybe even alone — on your own schedule. Maybe you're getting ready to lead your first remote team. 

Whatever intersectional stage of professional and personal life you’re in, one thing is certain: You deserve a better way to work and live.

And with 10 years of being a 100-percent remote company, we have the experience necessary to help guide you on your new journey. These courses are for everyone who’s become disillusioned with working in an office. For everyone who’s considered quitting to take care of their families – but worried something would be missing.

Ascension Academy is your better way. 

Available Bundles

Remote Leadership Master Class Bundle

Leading a remote team isn’t rocket science – though it does take some careful leadership adjustments and recalibrations to foster the kind of relationships you want and need to be successful.


In this bundle you will learn: 

  • To maximize productivity by establishing and then maintaining ways to be productive – even when life’s most tempting distractions come calling.
  • To lead your team with trust with practice and commitment that can be the difference between accelerated growth and stalling out.
  • To communicate clearly, explicitly and thoughtfully to express your expectations and needs which will inevitably impact and affect every outcome.
  • Lastly, to drive a strong company culture with authenticity, support, and engagement in order to elevate your culture, regardless of zip or area code.